How Often Should You Take Practice Tests for College Exams?

If you're getting ready for a college exam, taking practice tests is an essential part of the process. But how often should you take them? It all depends on your study rate and the amount of time you have to prepare. To get a basic understanding of your knowledge, it's a good idea to take one practice test early in your studies. After you've studied, take another practice test to measure your progress.

If you're studying for the GRE at full speed, Laura recommends setting an interval for mock exams every 1-2 weeks. Once you've finished a drill, it's important to spend enough time analyzing the entire exam to identify any mistakes and trends in the types of questions where you got wrong. This will help you pinpoint the topics you had problems with during the exam. On average, Peterson suggests that students begin preparing for an exam at least six weeks in advance. If you follow this strategy, you can expect to receive 10-15 simulations while preparing for three months, or fewer if you spend less time studying. So how many GRE drills should you do? It all depends on your preparation and the amount of time you have available.

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